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Robust tools for developing flexible, high-performance apps rapidly

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MM .NET Application Framework

MM .NET 2022 for .NET 7 and .NET Framework

The MM .NET Framework provides a solid foundation of best practices on which to build your apps. It helps you:

  • Build .NET apps quickly without sacrificing quality and performance using our integrated tools.

  • Create apps that are accessible from Windows, Web, mobile apps or any other front ends.

  • Apply design patterns to create a well-designed, object-oriented software that is high-performance, scalable and maintainable.

  • Build apps that work equally well with SQL Server, Oracle, or any other database.

I have been using MM .NET Framework for nearly a week. I've just got one word to describe it: "Excellent". I don't know why I didn't purchase this many years ago. I have accomplished so much in may application that I am writing in 5 days what has taken months to accomplish without MM .NET - Fred B.

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