IOS App Development

Expert Software Development & Guidance

Uniquely Qualified for iOS

We have been writing iOS (iPod Touch, iPhone, iPad) Apps since the iPhone was first released in 2007. Along the way we have cultivated a set of best practices that make it far easier to design, create, and maintain iOS Apps that exceed expectations.

Kevin McNeish, our Chief Software Architect is a well-known speaker and author in the iOS community and often teaches our best practices at software conferences, boot camps and workshops throughout the U.S. and Europe.

Assistance or Full Scale App Development

It may be that you are simply looking for assistance in laying out your initial iOS project and want some help through the more difficult pieces of the App. Or, it may be that you have a great idea and want us to create the App from beginning to App Store submission. We can provide either of these services and everything in between.

Best Practices

When you get software development services and guidance from Oak Leaf Enterprises, you can count on learning and using the best practices for implementing the full range of technologies, including the use of tried-and-true design patterns that provide a solid framework for your applications, making them easier to create and change along with your customer's requirements and ever-changing technologies.


As part of our best practices, we involve you early and often in the software development process. One aspect of this is prototyping.

 It's difficult to come up with the best initial design on paper. It's not until you see your App running on a device that you can provide complete feedback on how you want your App to look, function, and flow.  We use Apple's Xcode to build a functioning prototype of your App to save time and money as you make these big decisions.

On Site or Off-Site, Short or Long Term

Our architects, mentors, and developers can be available to help you with your project, either on site or off site. When off site, we take advantage of Citrix to communicate, so you can see us as well as the project itself via the Internet.

Whether you need help for just a few hours, several months, or even longer term, we can help you get over the tough spots in your application, help you write large portions of your software, or even the entire project

For more information on rates, availability, and information on how we can help with your project, email or call 434-979-2417.