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The MM .NET Application Framework

Versions for Visual Studio 2017, 2015, 2013, 2012, 2010, and 2008!

Do you have time NOT to use MM .NET?

MM .NET is a full-featured Application Framework for the Presentation, Business and Data Layers that integrates directly with Visual Studio and allows you to quickly create flexible, high performance .NET applications.

"In 2 months, MM .NET has helped me create a product that has both paid for the development time and also for the license itself. MM .NET slices between 40-60% off development time." - Geoff Hirst, MM .NET User

MM .NET includes royalty-free source code and assemblies, a comprehensive, searchable Developer's Guide with Jump Start topics

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Unlike many others offering App development services, this isn't our first rodeo. We've been writing world-class iOS Apps since 2008 using best practices that produce highly stable, intuitive Apps that provide a great user experience and exceed expectations!

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Learn to Code in Swift, the language of iOS Apps!

This book is designed to teach absolute beginners to create iOS Apps using Apple's newest language, Swift. Many books designed for beginning iOS App developers assume way too much. This book assumes you know nothing about Swift programming and uses dozens of videos to help you gain an in-depth understanding of Swift.

This book is available in Paperback and Kindle format on Amazon and in iBooks format in the iBookStore!

iOS Apps for Non-Programmers

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Kevin McNeish's Guide to .NET Training Videos

Kevin McNeish, Chief Architect, MM .NET

Object Orientation in  .NET - Beyond the Basics

This training takes you beyond the basics of object-orientation and covers in-depth information on using class diagrams, working with static and instance members, programming to an interface, factories and factory methods, understanding business objects, real-world use of abstract classes and interfaces, and architecting for the .NET event model. 

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Kevin McNeish is President of Oak Leaf Enterprises, an INETA speaker, Chief Architect of MM .NET and has been a Microsoft .NET MVP for the last seven years.

Email: kevinm@oakleafsd.com

Blog: http://www.msmvps.com/KevinMcNeish/


Get in-person or on-line mentoring and training from Kevin McNeish or one of other great mentors/programmers. Contact us for pricing and availability!  -- sales@oakleafsd.com.


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