MM .NET Application Framework


Product Features

  • Design well and build quickly - MM .NET helps you build it right and build it quickly with our RAD integration with Visual Studio

  • Maturity - MM .NET has been on the market for five years and used by thousands of developers world-wide in a wide variety of applications and environments!
  • World class Documentation - We get very high marks for our documentation from our users. Includes Jump Starts, step-by-step instructions as well as general .NET Frequently Asked Questions
  • Use with C# or VB .NET - Although MM .NET is written in C# (as is the .NET Framework) you can write applications in your language of choice
  • Flexible and Extensible - The most extensible, and flexible application framework on the market!
  • Full Source code - This makes it easy to examine Framework-level code making it easy to extend as needed
  • n-Tier Architecture - Build logical n-Tier architectures that can scale to physical n-Tier distribution models.
  • Flexible Code Generation  - MM .NET makes it easy to extend its code generation by means of templates and its code generation factory pattern!
Business Layer
Data Access Layer
  • Works great with Entty Framework or directly with SQL Server, Oracle, Access, Visual FoxPro, IBM's DB2, Vista DB, and any OLEDB provider.
  • Unmatched support for Oracle databases
  • Automatically generates stored procedures and data access classes, or allows you to use dynamic SQL as needed!
  • Hot swappable data access allows you to switch between different back ends dynamically at run time
  • Automatically handles transactions across multiple business objects
  • Remote Data Access via Web Services
  • Remote Data Access via Windows Communication Foundation (WCF)
User Interface Layer
  • Zero Code Data Binding - MM .NET coined the phrase "zero-code data binding" with its ease of use saving up to thousands of lines of binding code in large applications. Also works in conjunction with Visual Studio data binding model
  • Data Driven Security - Both user and role-level security can be defined and enforced by users at the user interface level
  • Data Driven, Multi-Lingual - MM .NET is the leader in providing data-driven, end-user configurable localization (multi-lingual) for both Windows and ASP.NET and Silverlight applications
  • Third Party Integration - Custom integration provided for Telerik, Infragistics, Developer's Express user interface controls (purchased separately)